Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Take a koran to the range.

That was the plan. No one remembered to bring one. We checked the range Port-o-Let, but all the pages had been used, and SFC Smith needed the covers.
Maybe the next time we do rifle quals.
Or, we could ask these boys to suggest an adventure. You didn't know the KKK had a moslem branch, did you?

These guys beat us to the punch. They are hard to improve on. Thanks, Team Infidel! (hat tip: LGF readers):


Sunday, June 19, 2005

'take a koran to lunch' day

The islamic thinkers society (http://www.islamicthinkers.com/index.htm), a group of apparently American-born and raised jackasses, recently posted a video of their members stomping, spitting on, then shredding an American flag. They did this on a NYC street corner. They loudly proclaimed that they owed no allegiance to the flag or the country. They also said that thanks to the US Constitution that they don't believe in, shredding an American Flag was 'protected speech'.

On their web site, they do not currently have their videos posted. They claim this is due to insufficient bandwidth. They do post an exchange with a NY journalist. Their illogic and hypocrisy is stunning.

Jessica Bruder’s threat to publish false information to present an image of Islamic Thinkers Society as a physical & militant group is contrary to our method of intellectual revival. We believe in bringing change strictly through intellectual & political struggle. Our ways have always been non-violent and peaceful and it will always be that way. Our method has never changed since Islamic Thinkers got started.

It seems that because we are Muslims who are speaking against injustice, we are being labeled as “militants” “fundamentalists” “jihadists”, etc. However, when arrogant people threaten us Muslims, no one is labeling them as “fundamentalists” or “militants”. It seems the media turns a blind eye on Islam bashers who make physical threats(see below) against us Muslims living in America and deny our right to freedom of speech & expression.

So, anyway, in response to these fools, we've created a 'take a koran to lunch' day. Today we used a koran as a coaster for a Bud can, and as a paper plate for a BBQ pork sandwich. A few photos below. The koran was later returned to the store it was purchased from, where it will be resold to .....?
Gosh, it was fun!



Unidentified vet eating BBQ pork sandwich w/beer and book in hand:

An update- more circular logic from these fools:

This time the Islamic Thinker Society is going to be publicized on the New York Times. Similar to the New York Observer, the New York Times is going with sources which are questionable. Again and again, the Muslims of Islamic Thinkers Society have denied any interviews to the media. From CNN to the Observer, we the Muslims of ITS have not consented to any interviews. Due to the unavailability of any direct source of information, even the reputable media outlets have turned into tabloids. The goal of the media is to suppress Muslims who stand up for injustice is vindicated even more now.

Andrea Elliott of the New York Times has been told numerous times that no interviews are available, but she dogmatically pursued to find information on the Muslims of Islamic Thinkers Society. The information gathered by Ms. Elliott is from sources which have no direct connection to the members of Islamic Thinkers Society whatsoever. The sources are people with prejudice understanding towards the views of Islam. Ms. Elliott has gotten hold of one of the members father from Islamic Thinkers Society. The New York Times profiling of Islamic Thinkers Society will be based on the interview with the father of one of the members. We the Muslims of Islamic Thinkers Society state that even the father of one of the members of ITS is not a credible source because first of all the views of the father are secular and against what Islam stands for. The brother from Islamic Thinkers Society has stated that his father is “completely secular and a non-practicing Muslim.The father therefore is not a credible source to write a sound article that would present the correct views of Islamic Thinkers Society.

Ms. Elliott and other members of the New York Times have been trying to profile members of the Islamic Thinkers Society as militant extremists. Like the Observer and other similar outlets The New York Times will attempt to label and generalize Islamic Thinkers Society. This again reveals the motives of the media today, which is to demoralize Islam and Muslims. The media is suppressing Muslims and their views by falsely associating peaceful/non-violent groups like Islamic Thinkers Society with militant groups. It seems that whenever a Muslim disagrees with the current “policies” then he or she is automatically targeted and labeled as an extremist militant or an Al Qaeda sympathizer.

So because these turkeys refuse to do interviews the reporters are 'yellow journalists'. And the father of one of their members can't possibly be a good source of information.
Maybe these clowns aren't dangerous. They may just be graduates (at age 23) of really bad NYC public schools. There's got to be at least one, and they all found it.

Fight islam

They seem out to get us, so why not?